Sunday, 16 July 2017


Cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges seems like such a chore, we always leave them way longer than we should before cleaning them - I know, I'm guilty too! 

So when 'Mermaids at Heart' told me about a new product they're launching for cleansing your makeup sponge, of course I was so excited to try it! 

First of all, I need to compliment how cutely it was packaged. The sample came in this little purple ombré spray bottle in a tiny little pink drawstring bag with little tiny crystals. I love love love the thought that went into putting this all together. It also came with the information about the product as well which I'll tell you about next!

So the 'miracle sponge cleanser' is made up of a mixture of water and dermalogically tested products which is absolutely perfect for sensitive skin - I have used the sponge since cleaning it with this cleanser and it hasn't affected my skin whatsoever! It contains no enzymes, no dyes, no acids, and no perfumes, and better yet it's Cruelty Free!

So the sponge I used this with was my Real Techniques sponge, and I'm very naughty with how often I clean my brushes etc and mine hadn't been cleaning in about a month (maybe longer) - cringe all you want, I know I am!!

So above a picture of my sponge before. Pretty grubby. That is full of long wearing foundation, concealer and powder *hangs head in shame*. 

Below is the instructions that came with the product: 
1) Rinse sponge lightly before spraying
2) Spray makeup covered sponge lightly (2-4 sprays should do for initial spritz)
3) Rinse and rub gently
4) Re-apply cleanser to those stubborn bits if necessary
5) Rinse and rub gently again
6) Squeeze to finish
7) Leave to dry naturally

So I did all those things in order, and as soon as I started rubbing the sponge after spraying, it was clear it was taking out a lot of product.

I have added this photo here so that you could see the amount of makeup coming out of the sponge - it was a LOT. 

However, after rinsing the cleanser out and repeating on the stubborn stains, it still wouldn't come out. I don't know whether this has something to do with the fact that I hadn't washed it in ages, or that it was long wearing makeup, but a few spritzes of the cleanser just wasn't cutting it.

I decided to spray a lot more on than 2-4 spritzes so that the sponge was completely doused in product, and that definitely did the trick!

As you can see, after spraying the sponge a lot with the cleanser, it took all that makeup straight out. There is still a tiny little stain on the flat bottom of the sponge (it doesn't pick up all that well in the photo), but this has worked so much better than any brush cleanser/shampoo or anything else I have used! This photo was taken the day after cleaning it - I got it wet to use but then realised I hadn't taken the 'after' photos!


This is a really good little cleanser! If you're someone who absolutely dreads cleaning their brushes and sponges, this would be perfect for you! 

The only downfall was that I had to use more product than what was stated in the instructions, but I didn't mind that all - it wasn't loads! Maybe double what was said in the instructions! 

I really appreciate how much effort went into every element of this cleanser, and how well it was put together for me to sample and try out. I cannot wait until it launches, because I will definitely be buying some! Keep your eyes peeled for launch dates!!

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