Friday, 5 May 2017

WATCH: MORPHE 35W | Makeup Tutorial and Review

It's time to talk makeup!!!

We all know I am a makeup fanatic, and I absolutely love filming tutorials/get ready with mes/whatever the heck you could call my videos. So when it came to filming another video, of course I was excited.

This time I used the Morphe 35W palette (link here to buy) - one of my 'go to' palettes for an every day look. Watch the video below to see how I created this whole face from stepping out the bath to stepping out the front door (aka my whole face).

Excuse the positioning of the above video, I have no idea how to really embed and place a video onto blogger. Just go with it!

Here is a list of products I used in the video (with links to buy - UK)


This product gets a massive seal of approval from me. The Morphe palettes never fail to do me proud, hence why I have three of them sitting in my palette box. For the price (£22/$22.99), you're getting a whopping 35 eyeshadows. Granted, some shadows can be hit and miss, but I'd honestly take the gamble because the ones that are good (which is actually most of them) really speak for themselves. The pigment in the good ones are incredible, and it's so easy to blend it all out as well - I use the Morphe M513 to blend in this video. 

It's such a good palette for someone who is starting out using makeup, because you can easily do a look from start to finish with this.

Have you used any Morphe palettes? Which is your favourite?
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