Tuesday, 9 May 2017

My pet peeves...

We all have our absolute pet peeves.

I want to start writing blog posts more about me, and letting the internet know about my life and my personality (and hopefully get to know some of you guys with that as well). 

As part of that, I've decided my first post will be on a couple of my pet peeves (as you can tell from the title), and hopefully I work up some sort of discussion in the comments about these things *crosses fingers*.


1. Rude customers:

As someone who has worked in retail pretty much their whole working life, I know a story or two that involve very rude customers. I do not get paid enough to be sympathetic towards you if your 'mortified' that your lipstick has been discontinued, or if your apple watch isn't paying contactless. IT IS NOT MY FAULT. Pretty much everything I say when serving you is down to company policy, not my own policy. Trust me, if it was going to get you out of my face quicker I would give you the damn money back for the trousers you ever so clearly put a hole in. 

Saying that, since starting my new job I haven't had any particularly rude customers. Obviously I get the people who huff and puff because they have to wait more than a minute to be served, but you'll get that anywhere.

I just really cannot stand really rude customers.

2. Irresponsible dog owners:

Back home I have three dogs, and two out of those dogs are dog aggressive. Now, if you don't know what 'dog aggressive' is, it means that my two dogs would be ready to attack another dog if it came up to them. Pretty simple definition.

I also was a dog walker for a part-time job for a massive chunk of last year, which meant looking after and taking responsibility for others people's dogs. So let's just say I have a fair amount of experience with dogs.

Nothing bugs and angers me more than when someone's dog (who is clearly dog aggressive) is roaming about without a lead. Especially in a place that is known for dog walking. Why would you do that? You're pretty much just asking for trouble...

That is just two of my pet peeves (and the two that are probably the biggest ones). I'll be doing this sort of like a series of posts - maybe once a month I'll write a 'pet peeves' post.

Have you guys experienced any of these examples? Tell me about your experiences! 

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