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PLAN WITH ME | May 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up

What's up you beautiful people!

So half way through April I decided I was going to start bullet journaling. What is 'bullet journaling' I hear you ask! Bullet Journaling is an easy and organised way to keep track of everything you've doing - think of it like a diary, but better.

The great thing about bullet journals is that you can completely customise them for you. If you're young like me, you don't need 3-4 pages for peoples addresses and phone numbers like you get in normal diaries. Instead, you can add the pages you need and want. Plus, it allows you to be as creative as you desire. There's people who like to doodle, people who like to use calligraphy, and people who literally just scribble down little notes and leave it at that. You make it however you want to make it!

I'm going to go through my month of May that I have only recently drawn up with you today, and I'll do these posts once a month if you guys end up liking it!


So this here is my bullet journal. It's just an ordinary notebook from Paperchase (link here) for £8. It's a simple notebook with a material feel cover, and the 'notebook' on the front is in gold lettering. I'm like a magpie and get easily lured in by anything shiny. A lot of people don't like the lines, and prefer a notebook with squares or even dots - you do whatever you want! Lines worked best for me for writing along.

So the next thing to add is your key and contents page. You don't need a key if you're going to remember what everything means, but I have a brain like a sieve so I need a key! And for the contents page, it just means that if you need to find something quickly it's really easy to do. The longest part of that is numbering all the pages. (TIP: Make sure you leave plenty of pages so you don't run out of space on your contents! I've left four pages).


After that is your future log - this is essentially your 'year at a glance'. So you have a section for each month that you can jot little notes into. This is because you're only doing on whole month at a time in your journal, so if anything comes up in say September, for example, you haven't got September in your journal yet so you pop it in the future log so you don't forget.


This is the section that can be as creative as you'd like. You can literally just write the month in the middle and leave it at that, or you can add doodles and colour like I did. This cover page is very simple, but I absolutely love the effect it has!


This section is a bit like the future log, but with months... so it's your 'month-at-a-glance'. This is where you can just quickly search across the whole months as to what you're doing. I have split my columns into two so that I can track my personal life as well as my blog schedule (aka expect more blog posts).


A lot of bullet journalists track their day-to-day life, and it's something I've decided to add into my journal too. So on the left side of the picture you can see I've done that - there are a lot of different ways you can lay this out as well. Have a look on pinterest and see which works best for you! I also have my month's 'to-do' list, and a mood tracker at the bottom which creates a nice line graph for me to see how my mood fluctuates.


So this is the bit that's most like a diary - a space where you can write your daily tasks. This is also where your key comes in as well so you can easily prioritise tasks, know what's cancelled, what's incomplete, what's scheduled and what not. As you can see for these pages as well I kept the arrow theme along with the pink theme as well.

Another thing a lot of bullet journalists do is track their expenses. I didn't do that this month, but I have decided I will for this month because I am spending too much damn money. Hopefully doing this will keep my spending to a minimum. 

On the left side of the page where my hand is there is a brain dump, this is for notes and doodles and what not that doesn't belong on another page.


There is also opportunity for you to add your own fun pages - you can see a couple of examples I've done here - my Disney savings, Disney watch list, and my Bucket List. Pinterest is full of ideas for these fun pages, and I do plan on adding a lot more to this as well over the month. 

And that's pretty much bullet journaling in a nutshell. A very quick nutshell. I have also done a 'flip-through' of April's month on my youtube channel, and you can also see me creating my May section too. I'll pop that video below if you wanted to give that a watch!

There is also a really fantastic website from the creator of the bullet journal system - Ryder Carroll - which helps to explain and tell you what a bullet journal is probably better than I have in this post.

If you're interested too, there are plenty of helpful people on youtube that do these videos every month as well! Make sure you give them a watch too!

Have you guys started bullet journaling? I'd love to see some of the pages you have!
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