Friday, 10 March 2017

New Beauty Products

There are so many new and exciting things coming to the beauty industry in the coming months, and some things I cannot contain my excitement for. 

I work for a make up counter, and when we get new releases I get super-duper excited for them, and the hype it creates. I've picked out a couple of my top new releases, and hopefully I will get round to trying them out and reviewing them on my blog!


Too Faced have released their new 'Natural Love' collection, and their highlighters and eye shadow palette are to die for. The highlighters come in three colours - Ray of Light (Rose Gold), You Light up my Life (Gold), and Blinded by the Light (Silver). They look absolutely stunning, and of course, blinding. 

The palette is something else I am so looking forward to trying. 30 shades to choose from, which is exactly what I love from a palette - I always find that with my Chocolate Bar palette I use the same shades every time and always have such a samey look. Hopefully with more colours to choose from, it opens up more room for creativity. Plus, look how pretty the packaging is!!


Now this is one of my all-time most anticipated products (as in what I have been looking forward to the most). I absolutely adore Jeffree and his work, despite what everyone else says about him. His brand is second-to-none, and I love that it is all vegan and cruelty free. And his Androgyny palette is something I NEED to get my hands on. Plus, how cute to Adore and Nikita look in this ad campaign. Gorgeous.

Just look at that beauty. The colour story in this one is soooo much better than the Beauty Killer palette - and those blues and greens!? Holy moly. I'm not so keen on the packaging, I think it looks a little tacky, but I don't care. I need to smother this all over my eyelids. Come through Androgyny.

So that's just the two brands at the moment. I will write more of these types of posts to round up the things I am most looking forward to. I will be sure to do a skincare post soon as well!

What are you guys most looking forward to?

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