Monday, 27 March 2017

Coping with a Cold...

I have been battling this cold/cough for such a long time now, and this is the worst I have ever had it. Writing this post I am surrounded by piles of used and unused tissues, a cup of water and all the different medication known to man. Usually, I can shift a cold within a couple of days, but I have had the 'pleasure' of this cold for about a month on and off now. 

Below are just a few things I do in order to cope with a cold. It's a known thing that there are no antibiotics that defeat the common cold, but there are medications to try and relieve the symptoms. This time round I have tried absolutely everything, so I know what works and what doesn't...


Pretty straight forward. Carry water with you wherever you go - especially if you have a cough on top of your cold. My level of self confidence will not let me go anywhere without water in the fear of having a massive coughing fit and not being able to breath - aka looking like a tit. Take little sips, it'll be more helpful.


This one sounds absolutely ridiculous, and it may not be helpful in the slightest - in fact, it may block your nose even further, but I do it any way. There's nothing more frustrating than the feeling of having a blocked nose, so I stick tissue up my nose to trick my brain into thinking it's that that's blocking my nose, and it eases my frustration surprisingly. I KNOW IT'S RIDICULOUS!


Deciding to cover my cheesy nachos with jalepenos was possibly the best idea I have ever had in my whole entire life - it provided me with an hour of the most incredible breathing through the nose. It was incredible.


I am totally guilty of this, and until this cold is gone I am living in the fear that I've demolished my sense of smell - only time will tell. I tried absolutely everything, but everything gave me about 30 minutes of relief and then went back to exactly what it was before. The only things I can 100% recommend is "Covonia Double Action Cough Lozenges" for when you have a cough, and Otrivine Nasal Spray or Vicks Vapour Rub for a blocked nose. Out of every single thing I've bought, those are the things that work best for me. If it's not as heavy as this, the Olbas oil inhaler is incredible as well.


Since having this cold, I have been washing twice a day - once in the shower in the morning, and once in the bath in the evening. I am doing this simply to try and steam the blocked nose. I turn the shower/bath really hot in the hope that the steam will help me - it does for a little while, so it's worth having a nice long soak for a little relief.


This is one of the WORST part for me. I get such dry and sore skin around my nose where I'm constantly blowing my nose. I have a little pot of moisturiser I take with me everywhere at the moment just to keep that sore bit topped up. I could not recommend carrying a moisturiser enough!

That is pretty much all I have - like I say, I have had this for ages so I clearly don't have any incredible hacks to getting rid of a cold. It's mostly just for helping it. I hope this helps you while you're suffering - there is literally nothing worse!!

Do you have any better hacks!? LET ME KNOW!!
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