Friday, 24 March 2017

22 before 22

I'm 21!!!!

How insane is that?! I thought I was going to be a lot sadder about the thought of being 21, but funnily enough it feels no different! As does any other birthday!

I honesty feel so humbled by everyone I have spent time with over the last week or so, and it's made my realise how awesome the people in my life are, and how lucky I am to have them. Despite being ill (this cough and cold really needs to bugger off now) I have had the best time. 

So I'm going to write a list of things I want to achieve before I'm 22. Yes, a whole other year, but these things take time, right!? I saw that my sister used to do this every year after my birthday and really liked the idea! Check her blog out here.

1) Move Out: this one I'm kind of half way there. I'm currently at uni, so I've sort of already moved out. I just want to have started my life away from my childhood home. Plus, I already have some level of independence so going home I would end up losing it.

2) Lose Weight: shock, horror! I want to have lost a decent amount of weight by the time I reach my next birthday. Once I've finished uni I want to go on plenty of holidays, so I need to be sure I look my best.

3) Get a pet: I'm too excited. I need to get a pet of my own - I'm the one that loves animals most out of my own household, but the one who doesn't technically have her own pet. It's nearly time people. I'll start off small and get a gerbil, or a hamster, or guinea-pig, maybe a rabbit? Or a rat...? AAAHHH I CAN'T CHOOSE

4) Get a degree: I'm so ready to finish uni now, and I cannot wait for all of my hard work to pay off. This one I will definitely be able to tick off my list.

5) Watch everything on my film list: I'm not gonna bore you by listing all the films I have yet to watch, but there's a lot. Let's make that a goal.

6) Go on holiday: I have wanted to go on holiday (outside of the UK) for sooo long now. I haven't been abroad since 2008, so I am in need of a holiday. Luckily I've managed to persuade the boyfriend to go to Disneyland! SQUEEEEE

7) Walk the memory walk: last September I walked the memory walk for Alzheimer's Society. It was such a lovely day, and so nice to raise money for such a good cause. I want to do it again this year, and I can only encourage others to do it. It's literally just walking with some great people. Simple!

8) Make a scrap book: Mum suggested me doing this the other day for all my birthday cards, and I think I will. But instead of having one just for my birthday, have one for the whole year, so anything else I do get's documented as well. Plus, it gives me the chance to get creative!

9) Stay in touch with my friends: it's one of my biggest worries that we come out of uni and all the friends I have made over the years just fizzle away. Luckily, in my friend group there's not that many people that live miles and miles away (except a few that are from Northern Ireland and one from South Korea). Hopefully it'll be easy enough to stay in contact with everyone and meet up a few times across the year.

10) Continue making films: I have been making films for three years now, and it's kind of killed my passion - I've decided I would rather be a make up artist rather than a producer/director, but I feel that I still want to make films. I need to keep up doing it, because I do really enjoy it!

11) Get back into Youtube: I don't necessarily mean making videos, but just watching more of my favourites again. I used to be so obsessed with my favourite vloggers, watching their videos as soon as they are uploaded. I want to attend SitC again this year and actually know what's going on - I kind of feel out of the loop.

12) Explore: I feel there is a lot in the UK that I'm missing. I want to spend more weekends away with my boyfriend and explore, not just in London but absolutely everywhere. I loved going to Brighton because I had never been there before!

13) Save money: *winces* I am trying hard to save for things, but it's hard when I'm balancing everything with university. As soon as I can give up more time to work, I want to start putting so much away. I also like the idea of the money pots you have to smash to open. Me and my boyfriend currently have one on the go which is our 'holiday fund', and it's almost full. I can't wait to smash it and see how much we've got!

14) Exercising more regularly: since being put down for going for a run, I do not run as often as I would like. I absolutely love the feeling after going for a run (once I've had a shower or something), and I want to do that more often. 

15) Go on more dates: I absolutely love my boyfriend to bits, but I feel we don't do a lot together outside of the house. Obviously it's hard when neither of you have money to do stuff, so hopefully this will come when we are able to work more. 

16) Start speaking a language: I know it's not going to be something I learn overnight, but I'd love to say one day that "I can speak a little bit of German" or "oh yeah, I know some French". Just to make a start would be good!

17) Get closer to being Vegan: since being vegetarian, it's made me realise how easy not eating meat is! I do not miss meat at all (except once in a blue moon where someone cooks a hefty bacon sandwich when I'm curled up in bed with a hangover), but I've never been close to actually eating it. I think if I did now the guilt would completely take over. So this time next year, I want to be closer to turning Vegan than I am now (aka finding alternatives)

18) Read: there is nothing more satisfying to someone who never reads than the feeling of finishing a book. I want to be able to do that more often!

19) Overcome my fear of bugs: as an 'aspiring vegan' (if you can call it that) I need to learn to love all creatures, even it's flapping at me with beady eyes, and crawling towards me with 8 spindly legs. I need to learnt to not be so scared.

20) Meet a celebrity: I used to be such a fangirl for the boybands (JLS, The Wanted etc etc), and I kind of miss those days, and the buzz you get when you meet them. I want to have met another celebrity by this time next year (my goal is Tom Hanks, but that's high hopes...)

21) Grow my make up collection: "don't you have enough make up?" the question on the lips of 100% of the people that know me. Yes I have enough, but I always want more. By this time next year I want to have an incredible make up collection that makes all other make up collections look sad.

22) Maintain my blog: aw, what a nice one to end on. I want this blog to be so much more successful, and the only way that's going to happen is to keep updating it with content. As soon as I think of a post, I'm going to write it instead of putting it off for weeks on end. As soon as uni is finished I'm going to have so much more time to dedicate to writing! Can't wait.

There you have it! That's my list. I cannot wait to come back to this every few months and update you all on how I've got on! I love to tick things off a list as well, so it'll motivate me more to do everything here. 

What things do you guys want to achieve in the next year?
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