Monday, 6 February 2017

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette | Review

Happy February!!

I've done it again, spent even more of my pennies on makeup. But how could I turn down something that I've wanted for ages when it goes on sale? Exactly. 

That's right! I finally got my hand on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette. He had his winter sale on his website, which was also on Beauty Bay which is where I picked this up (along with two of the holiday lipsticks). £50+ lighter than I was before, I finally had them.


First thing's first, let's get to the swatches. I haven't edited any of these photos, so you can see exactly what they're like!

Shades (left to right): Starpower, Princess, Violence, Rich Bitch, Courtney 

Shades (left to right): Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, Black Rainbow


My first impressions of the palette were a little... meh. For the price it is originally retailed at ($45/£40), the packaging was dreadful. It actually crossed my mind that Beauty Bay had sold me a fake because of how cheap it felt. The black 'Beauty Killer' on the front is raised a little bit which makes it look a bit better, but all-in-all, the packaging is dreadful.

Saying that, the rest of the palette completely makes up for it! As soon as I saw the packaging I was skeptical, but after having a little play around with it, it all came together. 

A lot of people look at this palette and thing 'ooo that's a bit too bright for me'. It's really not - if you cover the pink and blue shades on the far left, it looks like any other 'neutral' palette. And the pigmentation is INCREDIBLE. All my other 'high-end' palettes do not have pigment like it. You can see from the swatches how good it is - just look at that black shade *heart eyes emoji*. 

I would 150% recommended this palette to anyone. You will not be disappointed!!

Look out for my next video, I will be doing a look using this palette - I might do one more natural, and one using mostly the bright and dramatic colour. 

How do you guys feel about the palette? Let me know in the comments, or on any of my social medias!
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