Sunday, 12 February 2017

Facebook Group

Well hello there, my little souls.

I'm just writing a very quick post to update you on something I'm up to - I have recently started a Facebook group for people to come and talk about all things makeup and beauty (although I'm sure you can talk about anything you hecking want to!)

I have been part of a few of these before, but it has always been kind of bitchy and a lot of negativity surrounds the groups because of a few individuals. They were so helpful when I needed advice/opinions about anything, but I didn't like the constant drama, so I decided to make my own group.

I'm posting about it on my blog because I want as many people to come together that share a love for the same thing - BEAUTY. 

The group is called 'UK Beauty Freaks'. If you search that on Facebook, it'll come up. Click 'join group', and I will accept your request as soon as I am online. And then post away!

I hope you guys want to join... I will be doing a little giveaway very soon *winky face*.
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