Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dealing with Stress

Stress is something that occurs in everyone's life from time to time. You need to learn how to deal with that stress otherwise it'll come and bite you in the bum.

This time last year is when I became most stressed - I hated my job, and uni work was piling up. It actually became so bad that I became depressed. I was signed off for three weeks from work, and I still felt like everything was on top of me and that I couldn't breath.

It's getting to that point in the semester again where it feels like that is going to happen again, so I've come up with some ways that I might be able to tackle that. I thought I would put them on the internet for everyone to look at - I'd love to be able to help someone else.

1 - Be organised
I have written on my blog multiple times about being organised. It is my number one thing - make lists, write on sticky notes, keep up-to-date with a diary, whatever it is that you can do to keep yourself organised, do it. To do lists are great!

2 - Listen to music
No - not Little Mix or Craig David. Listen to some calming music. I find that listening to Hans Zimmer on Spotify really helps, and gets me to concentrate as well. But pick the right soundtrack, because some of Hans Zimmer's stuff is intense af. 

3 - Rant
Rant your heart away to your best friend, your boyfriend, your mum. Whoever. Tell them how stressed you are, and get it off your chest. If you bottle it up and pretend like nothing's wrong with you, you'll get even more stressed. TALK ABOUT IT HOMIES.

4 - Say 'NO'
This is a hard one for me. I need to learn to say no more often. If you've got work to do, or a deadline to meet, and someone wants to go out for a coffee or go out for a night out, say no. You might get called boring, but those few hours you spent out could have got you a lot further in the thing you're stressing about.

5 - However, don't be stuck inside all the time
As much as you need to meet that deadline, chill out. You need to have time to relax. Take some time out to have a pizza and watch a film, have a long hot bubble bath while binge watching Friends. Little 'stress-busters' like this will help so much more in the long run, and will help you to be level-headed when you come back to doing your work.

6 - An obvious one, but SLEEP
Sleep is so important. I always make sure I get 7 hours of sleep a night, if not more. Otherwise I will wake up in a crappy mood, which will then affect how much work I'm going to get done (aka not a lot). Sleep is key!

That's it. That's the advice I have for you guys, and the advice I'm going to be taking on board with me. I need to learn to chill out in a while and be a little bit more laid back. University is one of the reasons I am the way I am!

How do you guys deal with stress?
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