Monday, 2 January 2017

Starting Again...

Think back to the beginning of this blog, I wrote a long post about how I wanted to lose weight and how motivated I was to do so... (read that here)

Reflecting on that, it has not been good. I feel embarrassed and ashamed to have not done it, as so many people were giving me support and helping me out. 

I have always put it to the back of my mind - I thought that putting my journey out there on a blog would motivate me to keep going. I kept telling myself "If I lose this weight I can tell the people that read my blog and they would be happy for me", which worked for the first month or so...

My uni work took over and blogging took a back seat, which also meant my diet took a back seat as well. It's such a shame, because I was going quite well to begin with - I was going on those runs, eating healthier. The support I got from the people who read the post was incredible, I was so overwhelmed by it all! 

I'm going to track back and start again - I don't want it to be this whole 'New Year New Me' bull crap, let's face it that never works! Instead, I'm going to start setting myself smaller goals and specifying small amounts of weight to lose by when. Then that way, if I reach my goal I will be so happy with myself and want to carry on! Achieving stuff motivates me to carry on, I don't know about you!

GOALS (Up Until May)

- End of January: 6 lbs lighter
- End of Feb: another 8 lbs lighter
- End of March: another 10 lbs lighter
- End of April: another 12 lbs lighter
- End of May: another 12 lbs lighter

Some of you may look at that and think they're quite small goals, but I don't want to set them too high and not get there, because then I will just give up again. Start small, and then if I lose any more then it's a bonus!


There are a number of things that I'm going to change about/add into my lifestyle to try and lose weight (please let me know if you think of anything else!)

The first one is to drink more water

Water helps to flush out the system of any toxins, and it will help me to feel more full then I already am. This way, I will stop eating as much as I do, and stick to a normal intake of calories.

Secondly, is to cut out junk food

This one will be so hard to do - I'm so used to going to the bakery in my break at work and filling up on pastries, coming home and snacking on crisps. That will be cut down, however I don't want to cut it out completely. If I cut it out completely I know that I will end up craving a food so bad that I'll eat way more than I should and my diet will go out the window! So I will just be 'cutting down' instead of 'cutting out' for now.

I have also recently become vegetarian (yay me!), so I no longer really eat out as much as I did. I'm too fussy and too short of money to order the veggie options on a menu to then not eat it, so if I do go out I only order chips. Still sounds bad, but at least I'm not ordering  something that comes with chips as well! And takeaways will be the same - anything I used to eat from a Chinese or Indian was all meat, so I won't be ordering any takeaways. AND why would I fork out over £10 for a margarita pizza from Dominos!?

And lastly, I will pair this all with exercise

I'm going to look around the gyms where I live and work out whether I can afford it while I'm at uni. I think that having somewhere I can go out of hours where no one is around will really help, plus it doesn't matter what time I go. If I stick to running, I'll have to go before about 4pm because I don't like the dark, and with the days as short as they are now it just doesn't make sense. If it works out that I can't afford gym, I'm going to invest in a cheap exercise bike and weights so I can do the same sort of stuff at home. 

So there you have it... Second time lucky!? 

I'm hoping as I've set smaller, more achievable goals that I will be able to do it this time. I need the motivation and determination, and that will come from reaching those goals each month. 

I'll keep you guys updated like I did last night. 

Happy new year everybody!
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