Saturday, 21 January 2017

My Skincare...

Skincare divides everyone right down the middle - those who do, and those who know they should but don't. For ages, I was the latter half. I used baby lotion on my face every day and night and that would be me done, but I now realise how important it is day-to-day.

By no means is this the right way for your skin, you need to find what's perfect for your skin. This is a list of what I use, and what I absolutely love and would recommend trying!

1. Cleanser

I have started using Clinique's Sonic Cleansing Brush, which I absolutely adore. I purchased this along with their three-step in sample sizes. I use the brush with the cleanser it came with, or the perfectly clean foaming cleanser from Estée Lauder which I noticed seem very similar. Both products I love! Buy the brush here, Clinique cleanser here, and the Estée Lauder cleanser here.

2. Serum

These are the two serums I go between - the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, and the Estée Lauder Clear Difference. Both are absolutely incredible - I use the Advanced Night Repair daily, but if I feel I'm going to break out I will start using the Clear Difference. I put them on really light in the morning so it doesn't make my skin look oily, whereas in the evening I put a little bit more on (e.g. 3 drops of ANR in the morning and 5 drops in the evening). You can buy Advanced Night Repair here, and Clear Difference here

3. Moisturiser

I think a moisturiser is one of the most important parts of a skincare regime. Everything else you could miss out on the odd day, but a moisturiser is so important. I go between three - all from Estée Lauder - Revitalising Supreme, Revitalising Supreme Wake up Balm, and Daywear. All three have different benefits! The Revitalising Supreme has anti-aging benefits, as does the balm, whereas the Daywear protects the skins against pollution and sunlight. Plus, the wake up balm makes an incredible iridescent primer before the foundation - who doesn't love a two in one! And ladies, if you have oily skin, don't be fooled!! You can still wear moisturiser, just find one that is specific to your skin! You can buy Revitalising Supreme here, Wake Up Balm here, and Daywear here.

4. Treatments

When I say 'treatments', I mean things that you wouldn't do every day. I've become obsessed with these tissue masks, as I think the whole world has, and I aim to do one of these at least once, if not twice a week. It feels so relaxing, and it's so nice to put one on while you're in the bath! A little tip - put it in the fridge before you put it on your face and it'll help to reduce any puffiness (especially around the eye area). You can buy this specific mask here.

I wish I had a before and after photo from using all this skincare - the difference is incredible! It also pays to fork out a little extra for some luxury skincare products - they're completely worth the money.

What's your skincare regime? Do you have one? Let me know!
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