Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Getting myself organised...

I always like to pretend I'm a pretty organised person, but if the truth be told I'm pretty much the opposite. I like the pretty notebooks and the pencil cases full of unnecessary stationary, but I've come to realise that that's as far as it goes - I am a stationary hoarder. I'll go into Paperchase or WHSmiths and come out 3 notebooks heavier than I went in. It's who I am. This year I want to put those notebooks and other hoards of crap into good use, and become the most organised I could possibly be! 

My first step will be to organise my desk - a tidy space will give me a tidy mind, I hope? I've been looking at Pinterest (of course, where else!?) for desk organisation inspo, and I have fallen in love. Here's some of my favourites. 

Desk porn.. am I right!? I'm going to spend time making my desk a nice little work space where I want to be so it motivates me to do stuff. And plus, I love the idea of having little photos all over my desk like the one on the far right - how cute!? 

I'm also going to invest a lot of time into my diary. I love being creative, so something like drawing little doodles next to my plans in there will make me happy. My friend mentioned something about a bullet journal (see picture below), and that's how I'm going to aim for my diary to look. I want it to be absolutely full of stuff! 

The idea of a bullet journal is for it to be quick and easy to jot down notes. By the looks of the example above, there is nothing 'quick' or 'easy' about it. But look how pretty it is!? Do you guys ever look at something like that and die at how nice the hand writing is, or is that just something I do?

Following on from my diary, I'm going to copy the important notes (my work hours, when I'm posting on here etc.) onto my calendar which is pinned on my wall. That way if I'm ever in a rush I don't need to dig out my diary and find a specific page, I'll just look on the wall and it's there.

And lastly, I'm going to start using my desktop weekly planner more often. I bought this sometime in 2015, and I've probably only used about 5 of the pages in there. Shocking. I will write bullet point lists of what I need to do on what days, even if it is something as small as 'empty bin'. I don't know about you but I love to check something off my list, and if I'm doing that I'll feel a lot better about myself because it feels like I'm getting stuff done!

And that is my plan of how I'm going to get more organised in 2017, so hopefully I can live up to the organised demeanor I seemed to have got while being at university. 

How do you guys keep yourselves organised? Do you have a bullet journal - let me know on any of my social medias!
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