Sunday, 6 November 2016

Virgin Media are Useless...

Imagine being in a house for four months without any internet. Imagine using all your mobile data seven days after it renews... This is how I have been living since I moved into my new house.

Let me take you on a little journey...

So on the 1st of July I moved into my house for third year - a typical student house; extortionate rent, smelly fridges, and questionable carpets. On the 4th of July we decided to look up different internet packages we could get. Unfortunately, most providers could only give us a maximum of 15-20mbps speeds which frankly weren't good enough for a house of 6 20+ year old students who spend the majority of their lives streaming netflix and youtube and downloading things off the internet. It was all looking very bleak until we found Virgin Media, who could install a fiberoptic cable and give us speeds of up to 200mbps - when we found this we nearly cried. I instantly rang up and sealed the deal with them, being told that the date they could install it was the 13th July.

Here's where the fun starts...

On the phone, a young man named Mike told me that on the system he couldn't get earlier than the 4th August for me originally, but said he would 'go and speak to construction' and see if he could get it any earlier. He put the phone on hold, and after a couple of minutes he returned to give me the date of 13th July.

It got to the 13th July and no one turned up in the time slot he gave me, so I rang up again and asked what was going on. I was then told that there was no record of it being installed on the 13th of July, and that their system says the 4th August. How lovely of Mike, to lie to me to make a sale. What a sweet man.

So, annoyed, we accepted the fact that it was going to be installed on the 4th August. A couple of days before this date, I decided to ring up and get confirmation that this was going to happen - which was when I was informed that there is a 'construction issue' with our property. I got mad on the phone then because the lady was trying to tell me that they had tried to contact me about this issue, which was definitely not the case. 

Phone call after phone call over the last three months (from that point) have been an absolute shambles. I have called them up god knows how many times trying to get updates on our situation, and each time have been passed from person to person who apparently 'can't deal with our situation' so I have to speak to a different department. 

There was a massive problem with trying to get some permission letters to our neighbours to say it was fine to go ahead with the construction, and that's what delayed the whole thing. Virgin insisted that they'd send the letters out, but every time I had rang up they hadn't had an update on whether they had been sent out. In the end I demanded that the letters get sent to me via email and I get the neighbours to sign them, and I send them back, as Virgin Media were taking way too long with the process.

So yes, I was passed from person to person on the phone, and on multiple occasions have asked to speak to a manager. Funnily enough, they were always too busy to talk to me then and there, so I was told they would 'call me back within 48 hours'... did I ever get those call backs? No. And that was more than one occasion (I know that it was put as a note on the account as a couple of people I spoke to on the phone said before I mentioned it that 'there's a note on the account for a manager to ring me back').

So where are we now? FINALLY we have an installation date - 25th November. Apparently they're 'very busy in my area' so that's why it takes so long. With the amount of money they're getting why not hire a bigger installation team so that the wait is not as long? That date is 9 days short of FIVE MONTHS after we ordered it. FIVE MONTHS!!!

Now I know what you're all thinking? Why did we wait so long and not cancel... As students, we NEED good internet, especially when 5/6 of us in the house are on a film course. And like I said earlier on in the post, no one could offer us speeds that good. Trust me, as soon as they messed up the first time we were threatening to cancel, but we'd rather live with no internet then crappy internet. 

I can't imagine the total we've spent (as a household) on extra data on our phone bills. Probably hundreds of pounds as a group. Are they going to reimburse us for that? Nope. All they could do is reduce it from a 12 month to a 9 month contract - meaning we have to pay an extra two months that we're not going to be living at the property because apparently they 'can't do that'. They've knocked it down to £40 a month for us as well, that's good of them isn't it? (Sense the sarcasm). 

So I'm writing this post to warn you all about Virgin Media, about how useless and unhelpful their customer service is. I know this is just one story, but every time I said on the phone that we've been waiting months for our internet to be installed, none of the staff seemed at all phased by that so maybe it's a normal thing for it to be delayed that long?

Either way, if another provider could give us better speeds than 17mbps, we'd 100% not be with Virgin Media. 

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