Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Power of Makeup

Make-up is a massive part of my life. Day-to-day I wear it, whether that be a full face or just a little bit of mascara. I have been the same for as long as I can remember - completely changing the way that I look with just a little bit of time and effort.

I have had conversations with a number of people about the importance of make-up in my life, as well as a lot of other people's lives. I'm surprised with the amount of people that believe make-up is used just to 'adhere to beauty standards' and to 'impress other people'. In some way, I guess it is somewhat - you follow trends and things, just like you would do with something like fashion.

I personally believe that make-up is an art, whether that be someone doing it every day on their own face, a make-up artist doing it as a job, a drag queen using it to become their character. Whoever it may be, is creating art. It takes time and effort to create something that is amazingly beautiful... just look at these creations for crying out loud!

"Why do you spend so much money on make-up? There's more to life than make-up"... This is one question that grinds my gears. I earn my own money, so I should be able to spend it on whatever I want to spend it on. It's not different to a smoker who spends money on cigarettes, or someone who likes to buy a lot of clothes. Spending £20 on a mascara seems absurd to some people, but to me it's completely worth it as it's what makes me happy.

So in light of all that, here's a little snap. This is the first time I have ever done just half my face. I was always aware of how different it made me look, but having it side by side really shows the difference.

Please excuse the quality - it was just a cheeky selfie on my iPhone. BUT LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE.

Make-up gives me confidence to be myself. I don't wear it for anyone else but me. I know that sounds extremely cliché, but it's not a lie. The power of make-up is incredible, and helps so many people (guys and girls and everything in between) to be themselves. And I'm so happy I have this option. 

Show me your half and half faces! Send them to me via and of my social media links!

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