Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Big Journey: Weekly Update

It's been a dodgy week this week.

My eating habits have been pretty naughty this week. It seems like there's always something - my friend had a movie night so there was a lot of junk food snacks, which I couldn't say no to, and I went out for a meal with the family. Like I say, there always seems to be something that's stopping me from eating healthily. I know there is always the 'healthy option', but it's so hard when everyone else is having a proper big meal - it makes me want to eat a big meal. I need to get over this and just deal with ordering the healthier option. I'm still not snacking between meals, and I make sure that if I do go out and have something unhealthy I will make up for that by eating less for my other meals. 

I have been for two runs this past week - one was more intense than the other. I did go on one by myself, but it the majority was power walking over running. I get really uneasy when there's people around, I feel like they're watching me. I know it's definitely not the case, but it's a confidence thing. The run I went on was on a Saturday, and there were just SO MANY people around that I couldn't push myself to run. Instead I power walked to (and up) the hill without stopping. It was a push, but I thought I better make up for the fact I didn't run!

Despite the eating habits and somewhat of a lack of exercise, I have managed to maintain having those three pounds off. It's disappointing that more hasn't come off, but I'm going to push myself this week to ensure that I lose more. I was so ecstatic with the news that I had lost three pounds, so I want to motivate myself to lose even more. 

I think the reason I managed to maintain my weight was because of the amount of walking I did, and the amount of water I drank. My walking was averaging out to at least 13,000 a day, and some days it hit 21,000. I guess that was making up for the runs? I've also been ensuring I'm drinking more water as well - no where near the amount I should be drinking, but more than I have done in the last couple of weeks.

And there you have it, there's my little update for you all. 

Do you guys like having these weekly, or would you prefer for it to be less frequent? I feel, personally, that it's always the same thing that I'm saying. Maybe I will do them every two weeks so that there's more to talk about... Please let me know on any of my social media accounts!
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