Sunday, 9 October 2016

Recent Make-Up Purchases....

I have been very naughty recently with how much I have spent on make-up. The make-up I have bought hasn't been overly expensive, it's just every time I go into town for something I will always come back with a couple of bits of make-up... it's an illness.

So I thought I could do a post every now and again with the purchases I have made, maybe with little reviews on what I think. Is that something people want to read?

So let's start with my Morphe palettes...

HOW PRETTY ARE THEY!? I bought myself the 35P and the 35T - I got the 35P first, and I was so in love with it that I had to buy myself the 35T. I plan on getting all these palettes. 

I personally think that these palettes are so much better than some 'high-end' brands (Urban Decay, Too Faced). The pigmentation is so much better, and the shadows are buttery so you can blend them all together so much easier. Plus, you get so many more colours. Morphe palettes are available for £19.50 on Beauty Bay, and I highly recommend investing in one - whether you're new to make-up or an experienced MUA, just get one. 

These are the lip colours I purchased - four mini Sleek Matte Me's from Boots, and one MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer from Superdrug. For the money I paid for these, they're quite good value - the four from Sleek were £5, and the MUA one was £3. 

All of them are a little bit drying after a little while of wearing them, but what can you really expect from something so cheap? When you first apply them, they go matte almost instantly - the pigmentation of most of them is really good as well. One of the darker shades of the Sleek lipsticks was a little streaky, but once you layer in on a little bit it's fine! 

Here are the swatches: 

top to bottom: birthday suit, rioja red, old hollywood, velvet slipper (sleek), kooky (MUA)

As you can see, Old Hollywood is a little bit patchy with just one swipe. As soon as you layer it on a little bit, it's so worth the money! A very pretty colour, as they all are!

There you have it, those are my recent make-up purchases. I hope you have enjoyed me doing this - and if you haven't, I apologise. If theres a particular type of post you would like to see more of, please let me know! 
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