Thursday, 13 October 2016

Halloween Mummified Oreo Truffles...

Look how cute these little treats are. Yes, they're 'mummified' oreo truffles, and they're bloody delicious. And, BONUS, they're so easy to make. I didn't even follow a recipe, I just found a photo on the internet and guessed everything and they turned out great! 

These are some of things you'll need:
- Oreos (of course - I use the off brand ones because I'm a cheap af student)
- Soft cheese (any will do)
- Caster sugar
- Vanilla extract
- White chocolate (I used three bars)
- Nutella
- Bowls (however many you want to use)
- Spoons and forks (also however many you want to use)
- Tray/glass dish to put them on for freezing/chilling

As you can tell, this is going to be a very loose recipe already. They're very hard to mess up, you basically just shove a load of ingredients in and you're done! So simple - please don't expect professionalism from this post, because you're not going to get it!

STEP ONE - CRUSH OREOS. I used one full packet. Do this whichever way is easier for you. I started it in our nutribullet, didn't work completely - it crushed about 70% of the oreos. Then I tried it with a fork, which also didn't work. I resorted to using my hands for the last little bits that needed crushing. Just use whatever is easiest - I'd probably recommend a rolling pin. 

Here's me sporting the crushing with a fork - not as easy as you'd think!

STEP TWO - ADD SOFT CHEESE, SUGAR, AND A DASH OF VANILLA EXTRACT. Amount is however much you think (told you this is definitely not professional, but hey! It's fun!). I put in one whole tub of soft cheese, which was the one from Aldi

This definitely is as easy as it looks - just mush it all together!

STEP 3 - make little chocolate balls. Roll them into little tiny balls, simples *insert poo emoji here*. After this they need to be chilled until they're hard - I put them in the fridge for about an hour, and then put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes after that. 

Look how darn cute they are!

STEP FOUR - MELT WHITE CHOCOLATE. I used two and a half chocolate bars for this, but I did have some left over so you might get away with just the two. Then, dip your little balls of oreo goodness and cover them in the white chocolate - nicely demonstrated in the photos by yours truly xo

Then, stick them in the fridge or freezer until the chocolate is set (this will only take about 10-15 minutes, if that!)

STEP FIVE - DRIZZLE WHITE CHOCOLATE. Some of the truffles were were and truly frozen to the dish I used, so some were beyond saving. Pick your best ones, put them on a plate, and drizzle them with a lovely dose of white chocolate. I melted half a bar to use for the drizzling and there was plenty there!

STEP SIX - GIVE YOUR MUMMIES EYES. I used nutella for this, but you can use whatever the heck you want! I used a chopstick to put his eyes on, using the end to dot them on. 

Oh look how cute he is. I called this one Danny. Don't know why, just did.

And there you have it, it's THAT simple! I told you this whole 'recipe' (if you could call it that) would be very unprofessional. It's such a sweet idea to do with your kids, because you can kind of just leave them to it and they can't really get it wrong! No sharp knives or hot ovens involved, so this is very kid-proof. And if I had fun making them, I'm sure they will too!

Hope you enjoyed this little Halloween treat I did for you all! I really enjoyed doing this! Please excuse the 'quality' of the photos, I'm still trying to get the 'perfect blogger photos' (and also my boyfriend took them for me because he's a good egg). 

Have you guys made anything for Halloween yet? Let me know in the comments, or any of the social medias linked in the side bar! 
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