Sunday, 16 October 2016

Half Skull Halloween Makeup...

I'm sure you've all seen this look somewhere on the internet... I decided to try and recreate it for myself, as I am completely stumped as to what to dress up as for Halloween. I keep going between ideas, and I can never decide on what to dress up as. So I decided to give this a go, and write a blog post about it as well... Happy days!

I'll take you through step by step as to how I did it, but it's mostly a case of finding a photo and copying what they did on their face, on your face. If you want to try this one for yourself, tweet me your attempts! I love seeing other people's Halloween make up!

So step one is to do your face however you'd normally do it. I wanted to do a really nice eye look with this half skull - I used the Morphe 35T on the top of my lid to create the golds and browns, and then the bright purple shade in the Morphe 35P for under the eye. For Halloween (if I decide to do this look) I'm going to put on some killer lashes.

Here's a quick photo of just the eye make up - the skin make up is also done under my eyes and on my forehead, but I stayed away from my cheeks.

The next part is to make the bottom part of your face completely white. I found this so hard to do without getting the paint all patchy. I used Snazaroo paint (both the black and the white) to create this look - I let each layer dry before putting more on, and the key is to layer it up to make sure it isn't patchy. I also set it with some talcum powder to make it extra white!

Excuse the quality of some of these photos, I'm still trying to figure out what looks best!

The next step is to add the black. You can be as creative as you want with this - and it always helps to look at a photo while you do it. This is the one thing I didn't like about this whole look - as it was my first attempt, I didn't know exactly what I was doing and I kind of just added bits here and there. This was my attempt:

Just draw your teeth on individually with a small detail brush (I used one I bought specifically from Seventeen at Boots). You basically just draw them on as teeth-like as possible, there's not really any special tips to give you here!

Finally, use a black eye shadow (I used one from my Morphe 35P palette) and add a little bit of shading up from where the teeth sit next to one another (see photo for better explanation)...

This kind of just adds a bit more definition than having it all completely flat. Make sure you don't add too much of the product at once because you'll have a right nightmare on your hands trying to blend it out.

To finish the look completely, I took the black face paint again and drew around my jaw line to tie it all together. It just added a bit more definition to my jaw line, and it made it look a lot better (in my opinion). 

I want to try this look again, simply because I think I can do a better job at it. I want to add hints of purple to the shading on the white as well to match the purple I put under my eyeballs. Plus, I think the black on the lips was too big, and some of the teeth were too small, so the whole effect didn't come across.

Here's the finished look one more time:

Let me know what you think! Any other tips for me? Just let me know on any of my social media links in the side bar, or in the comment section below!
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