Thursday, 22 September 2016

Films I Want To See...

It's time for my first post about film - and this is one I have had in mind since deciding to start a blog (which was some time ago now).

The title is pretty self-explanitory... I will be posting from time to time (probably every few months) with a round-up of what movies are being released that I want to go and see, and then I'll come back to them at a later date and review them. How does that sound? 

Let's get straight into this...


According to IMDb, this film is due for UK release on the 30th December. This film looks brilliantly 'Tim Burton' simply just from the trailer. I have always adored his style in directing, as do a lot of people, and this film has most definitely been given the Tim Burton stamp. The trailer depicts his very familiar colour palette, costume, props, scenery, special effects, everything. I'm very much excited to go and see this. Watch the trailer here.


I can already tell that this is going to be one of those action/drama films that keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the movie. What I can get from the trailer and some (very) light research, it tells the story of the offshore drilling rig that exploded back in April 2010, which of course is a true story. I cannot wait to see Mark Wahlberg in this film, as well as that little piece of eye candy Dylan O'Brien. Watch the trailer here. This is also due for release on the 30th September. 


Bloody Tom Hanks is back. I love that man with all of my heart - his films are absolutely brilliant, and his acting is incredible. Based on a book written by the same author that wrote The Davinci Code and Angels and Demons, Inferno looks like another awesome film. After watching the trailer, I honestly can't wait to go and watch it - I know I am going to enjoy it simply because it's got Tom Hanks in it. It's due for release on October 28th.

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That's the next month and a half covered. There are A LOT of films coming out (check out IMDbs Coming Soon page), but these three are the only ones that have really caught my eye. I will make sure to go and see them and let you all know what I thought! 

Please let me know if you like these sorts of posts - I want to write about film but I know that not everyone likes reading about it. However, I know that everyone loves going to the cinema so hopefully you don't mind these posts.

What films are you most looking forward to seeing in the cinema? Let me know on any of my social medias!
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