Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Little Introduction...

Well hello there!

Writing your first blog post can be a little unnerving, so bare with me while I do this! 

I should start by introducing myself - my name is Letitia, Tish for short (or for the easy way out of trying to pronounce the monstrosity that is my name). I have decided to try something new and start a blog - now, I say 'start something new'... I have blogged before but I lost interest in writing it when I realised I actually had nothing good to write about. 

I'm now 20 years old, I've grown up (somewhat) and I want to start documenting my life for others to read about, and also to be able to look back on the memories I have made in the years to come - you know the 'future' when computers and phones will become completely obsolete and replaced with some next level robots that can do absolutely everything for us. Hopefully there will still be a place to read my blog!

Now a little bit about what I enjoy... Firstly, I have had a growing obsession for make-up over the past year and a half which has now got to the point where I go on websites like beautybay and fill my basket with EVERYTHING, to then just closing the tab because I realise I can't afford all of the nice things. I think a lot of us are like that!

Another thing I enjoy doing is making films. I study Film Production at the University of Winchester (holla @ me students), and my ultimate dream is to become a successful director. Now I know that the film industry is a hard nut to crack, but I'm hoping my passion and enthusiasm will help me with that. If not I have got plan B, and even a plan C!

Lastly, most importantly (in my eyes), and probably 100% worth mentioning is my absolute love for animals. I become a soppy, ecstatic mess when I am in the presence of an animal - whether that is a horse, sheep, dog, cat, rabbit, guinea-pig, rat, mouse, hamster... the list goes on. I say that this is completely worth mention because animals are a huge part of my life, and will definitely come up in multiple posts from time-to-time. 

So there you have it, a little introduction to 'present' myself to you. I will be writing about everything I love (mentioned above), any adventures I inevitably go on, and all the random things in between. I hope you enjoy reading about my life!
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