Sunday, 16 July 2017


Cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges seems like such a chore, we always leave them way longer than we should before cleaning them - I know, I'm guilty too! 

So when 'Mermaids at Heart' told me about a new product they're launching for cleansing your makeup sponge, of course I was so excited to try it! 

First of all, I need to compliment how cutely it was packaged. The sample came in this little purple ombré spray bottle in a tiny little pink drawstring bag with little tiny crystals. I love love love the thought that went into putting this all together. It also came with the information about the product as well which I'll tell you about next!

So the 'miracle sponge cleanser' is made up of a mixture of water and dermalogically tested products which is absolutely perfect for sensitive skin - I have used the sponge since cleaning it with this cleanser and it hasn't affected my skin whatsoever! It contains no enzymes, no dyes, no acids, and no perfumes, and better yet it's Cruelty Free!

So the sponge I used this with was my Real Techniques sponge, and I'm very naughty with how often I clean my brushes etc and mine hadn't been cleaning in about a month (maybe longer) - cringe all you want, I know I am!!

So above a picture of my sponge before. Pretty grubby. That is full of long wearing foundation, concealer and powder *hangs head in shame*. 

Below is the instructions that came with the product: 
1) Rinse sponge lightly before spraying
2) Spray makeup covered sponge lightly (2-4 sprays should do for initial spritz)
3) Rinse and rub gently
4) Re-apply cleanser to those stubborn bits if necessary
5) Rinse and rub gently again
6) Squeeze to finish
7) Leave to dry naturally

So I did all those things in order, and as soon as I started rubbing the sponge after spraying, it was clear it was taking out a lot of product.

I have added this photo here so that you could see the amount of makeup coming out of the sponge - it was a LOT. 

However, after rinsing the cleanser out and repeating on the stubborn stains, it still wouldn't come out. I don't know whether this has something to do with the fact that I hadn't washed it in ages, or that it was long wearing makeup, but a few spritzes of the cleanser just wasn't cutting it.

I decided to spray a lot more on than 2-4 spritzes so that the sponge was completely doused in product, and that definitely did the trick!

As you can see, after spraying the sponge a lot with the cleanser, it took all that makeup straight out. There is still a tiny little stain on the flat bottom of the sponge (it doesn't pick up all that well in the photo), but this has worked so much better than any brush cleanser/shampoo or anything else I have used! This photo was taken the day after cleaning it - I got it wet to use but then realised I hadn't taken the 'after' photos!


This is a really good little cleanser! If you're someone who absolutely dreads cleaning their brushes and sponges, this would be perfect for you! 

The only downfall was that I had to use more product than what was stated in the instructions, but I didn't mind that all - it wasn't loads! Maybe double what was said in the instructions! 

I really appreciate how much effort went into every element of this cleanser, and how well it was put together for me to sample and try out. I cannot wait until it launches, because I will definitely be buying some! Keep your eyes peeled for launch dates!!

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

My pet peeves...

We all have our absolute pet peeves.

I want to start writing blog posts more about me, and letting the internet know about my life and my personality (and hopefully get to know some of you guys with that as well). 

As part of that, I've decided my first post will be on a couple of my pet peeves (as you can tell from the title), and hopefully I work up some sort of discussion in the comments about these things *crosses fingers*.


1. Rude customers:

As someone who has worked in retail pretty much their whole working life, I know a story or two that involve very rude customers. I do not get paid enough to be sympathetic towards you if your 'mortified' that your lipstick has been discontinued, or if your apple watch isn't paying contactless. IT IS NOT MY FAULT. Pretty much everything I say when serving you is down to company policy, not my own policy. Trust me, if it was going to get you out of my face quicker I would give you the damn money back for the trousers you ever so clearly put a hole in. 

Saying that, since starting my new job I haven't had any particularly rude customers. Obviously I get the people who huff and puff because they have to wait more than a minute to be served, but you'll get that anywhere.

I just really cannot stand really rude customers.

2. Irresponsible dog owners:

Back home I have three dogs, and two out of those dogs are dog aggressive. Now, if you don't know what 'dog aggressive' is, it means that my two dogs would be ready to attack another dog if it came up to them. Pretty simple definition.

I also was a dog walker for a part-time job for a massive chunk of last year, which meant looking after and taking responsibility for others people's dogs. So let's just say I have a fair amount of experience with dogs.

Nothing bugs and angers me more than when someone's dog (who is clearly dog aggressive) is roaming about without a lead. Especially in a place that is known for dog walking. Why would you do that? You're pretty much just asking for trouble...

That is just two of my pet peeves (and the two that are probably the biggest ones). I'll be doing this sort of like a series of posts - maybe once a month I'll write a 'pet peeves' post.

Have you guys experienced any of these examples? Tell me about your experiences! 

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Friday, 5 May 2017

WATCH: MORPHE 35W | Makeup Tutorial and Review

It's time to talk makeup!!!

We all know I am a makeup fanatic, and I absolutely love filming tutorials/get ready with mes/whatever the heck you could call my videos. So when it came to filming another video, of course I was excited.

This time I used the Morphe 35W palette (link here to buy) - one of my 'go to' palettes for an every day look. Watch the video below to see how I created this whole face from stepping out the bath to stepping out the front door (aka my whole face).

Excuse the positioning of the above video, I have no idea how to really embed and place a video onto blogger. Just go with it!

Here is a list of products I used in the video (with links to buy - UK)


This product gets a massive seal of approval from me. The Morphe palettes never fail to do me proud, hence why I have three of them sitting in my palette box. For the price (£22/$22.99), you're getting a whopping 35 eyeshadows. Granted, some shadows can be hit and miss, but I'd honestly take the gamble because the ones that are good (which is actually most of them) really speak for themselves. The pigment in the good ones are incredible, and it's so easy to blend it all out as well - I use the Morphe M513 to blend in this video. 

It's such a good palette for someone who is starting out using makeup, because you can easily do a look from start to finish with this.

Have you used any Morphe palettes? Which is your favourite?
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Sunday, 30 April 2017

PLAN WITH ME | May 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up

What's up you beautiful people!

So half way through April I decided I was going to start bullet journaling. What is 'bullet journaling' I hear you ask! Bullet Journaling is an easy and organised way to keep track of everything you've doing - think of it like a diary, but better.

The great thing about bullet journals is that you can completely customise them for you. If you're young like me, you don't need 3-4 pages for peoples addresses and phone numbers like you get in normal diaries. Instead, you can add the pages you need and want. Plus, it allows you to be as creative as you desire. There's people who like to doodle, people who like to use calligraphy, and people who literally just scribble down little notes and leave it at that. You make it however you want to make it!

I'm going to go through my month of May that I have only recently drawn up with you today, and I'll do these posts once a month if you guys end up liking it!


So this here is my bullet journal. It's just an ordinary notebook from Paperchase (link here) for £8. It's a simple notebook with a material feel cover, and the 'notebook' on the front is in gold lettering. I'm like a magpie and get easily lured in by anything shiny. A lot of people don't like the lines, and prefer a notebook with squares or even dots - you do whatever you want! Lines worked best for me for writing along.

So the next thing to add is your key and contents page. You don't need a key if you're going to remember what everything means, but I have a brain like a sieve so I need a key! And for the contents page, it just means that if you need to find something quickly it's really easy to do. The longest part of that is numbering all the pages. (TIP: Make sure you leave plenty of pages so you don't run out of space on your contents! I've left four pages).


After that is your future log - this is essentially your 'year at a glance'. So you have a section for each month that you can jot little notes into. This is because you're only doing on whole month at a time in your journal, so if anything comes up in say September, for example, you haven't got September in your journal yet so you pop it in the future log so you don't forget.


This is the section that can be as creative as you'd like. You can literally just write the month in the middle and leave it at that, or you can add doodles and colour like I did. This cover page is very simple, but I absolutely love the effect it has!


This section is a bit like the future log, but with months... so it's your 'month-at-a-glance'. This is where you can just quickly search across the whole months as to what you're doing. I have split my columns into two so that I can track my personal life as well as my blog schedule (aka expect more blog posts).


A lot of bullet journalists track their day-to-day life, and it's something I've decided to add into my journal too. So on the left side of the picture you can see I've done that - there are a lot of different ways you can lay this out as well. Have a look on pinterest and see which works best for you! I also have my month's 'to-do' list, and a mood tracker at the bottom which creates a nice line graph for me to see how my mood fluctuates.


So this is the bit that's most like a diary - a space where you can write your daily tasks. This is also where your key comes in as well so you can easily prioritise tasks, know what's cancelled, what's incomplete, what's scheduled and what not. As you can see for these pages as well I kept the arrow theme along with the pink theme as well.

Another thing a lot of bullet journalists do is track their expenses. I didn't do that this month, but I have decided I will for this month because I am spending too much damn money. Hopefully doing this will keep my spending to a minimum. 

On the left side of the page where my hand is there is a brain dump, this is for notes and doodles and what not that doesn't belong on another page.


There is also opportunity for you to add your own fun pages - you can see a couple of examples I've done here - my Disney savings, Disney watch list, and my Bucket List. Pinterest is full of ideas for these fun pages, and I do plan on adding a lot more to this as well over the month. 

And that's pretty much bullet journaling in a nutshell. A very quick nutshell. I have also done a 'flip-through' of April's month on my youtube channel, and you can also see me creating my May section too. I'll pop that video below if you wanted to give that a watch!

There is also a really fantastic website from the creator of the bullet journal system - Ryder Carroll - which helps to explain and tell you what a bullet journal is probably better than I have in this post.

If you're interested too, there are plenty of helpful people on youtube that do these videos every month as well! Make sure you give them a watch too!

Have you guys started bullet journaling? I'd love to see some of the pages you have!
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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Manny MUA Collection...

I was lucky enough to get hold of some of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics collaboration with Manny MUA. Unfortunately, I didn't get all three items, but I managed to get two. Hopefully I'll get hold of the last one soon!

So yes - I managed to get hold of the Eclipse skin frost, and the Velour Liquid Lipstick in 'Daddy'. I'm so sad I didn't manage to get 'I'm Shook' as it was such a gorgeous gorgeous colour - I'll come across it one day though!

First Impressions

The packaging is obviously one of the first things that catches your eye. The little boxes it comes in has a really pretty marking on it. Almost like little triangles in a mixture of matte and glossy finishes. It looks pretty awesome! And I loved the black as well - makes such a difference to the pink!

For the actual products... the lipstick was incredible. It really carries the benefits of all of Jeffree's other liquid lipsticks, and I was so happy about that. I've actually worn Daddy every day since getting it last Sunday and it stays all. day. It comes off a little bit in the middle of your lips when you eat, but everything else it stays on (AND DOESN'T DRY OUT). Such a great formula, and such a great colour - a colour that would match everyone I'd say! The picture below is the swatch with absolutely no editing whatsoever so you can see the real colour.

Isn't that a gorgeous dark nudey brown! *Heart eyes*

Now for the highlighter... This is where I was completely let down. Jeffree Star and Manny MUA are known for being glowing goddesses, but when I swatched Eclipse, I was so disappointed.  

On the right was a finger swatch, and the left applied with a brush. How disappointing is that!? Again, this has no editing at all.

However, saying all of this, when you apply it to the face with a brush (I use the Morphe B13 brush) and layer it up a bit, it does have a really nice pay off! I don't like to be glowing so that aliens up in space can see me, I just like to have a nice little glow to my cheekbones. And it does stay all day even if your foundation slides all over the place. So overall, it's not all that bad! I just wouldn't buy this again.

Keep an eye on my insta for a photo of both products on my face - @makeuptish

Did you have any of the collection? What did you make of it?
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dreaming of Getting Away

This cold has completely knocked me for six ( that the saying?). It's got to the point now where my nose is no longer blocked, but I cannot taste or smell anything. When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. It's made me lose my appetite completely, which is weird for me because I love food.

It's made me all under the weather and sad, so in this time I have been longing to get away, go somewhere nice.

Luckily, my boyfriend has agreed we can go away to Paris, and I am SO EXCITED. Actually, 'excited' is a complete understatement. I haven't been out of this country (UK) since 2008, and watching everybody else on their summer adventures these past few years has given me serious wanderlust. 

I want to see so much of the world, and who better to see it with than my boyfriend. 

Seeing as I haven't travelled anywhere in almost a decade (WHAT!), I'm gathering a list of places I want to visit before I get too much older. Am I being optimistic with having all of these on my list? Probably... Ah well!

1. The Maldives

There's one place in particular I really want to visit in The Maldives - Mudhdhoo Island. 

Look how awesome that is! Bioluminescent phytoplankton (thanks google) cause the edges of the water to glow. The phytoplankton react to any sort of stress or tension, which causes them to emit light (aka glow). How gorgeous would that be to watch, with a little cocktail in hand? Lovely.

2. New York City

Pretty easy option, I know. Who doesn't want to visit New York? I just want to visit America in general, but New York is top of my list. Strolling around Central Park with an ice cream. That's the dream.

3. Disney World, Florida

I know I already mentioned about going to Paris, AND we're visiting Disney Land there. But holy moly I need to go to Disney World in Florida. It seems like such a magical place and I am so sad I haven't been already. Like I said when I was talking about New York, I want to visit America in general, but Florida is near the very top of my list. 

4. Tenerife

There is one sole reason I want to go back to Tenerife, and that is for the water park. When I went back in 2008, this was being built and they were advertising it everywhere. Now it's there, I need to go back so that I can go here. I was so sad I didn't get to go there before!

5. Venice

Venice has always been somewhere I wanted to travel to when I'm older. I think it looks like such a romantic place, rowing along the rivers on gondolas and taking in the atmosphere. And now I have someone incredible to share that with, so all the more reason to go! 

So that's my top 5. This list constantly changes every time I come to think of it, so writing them down in a blog post will be nice to come back to in a little while and see if anything has been changed. 

Right now, though, I would take a flight to anywhere! I'm not picky!!

Where's your favourite place to travel to?
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Monday, 27 March 2017

Coping with a Cold...

I have been battling this cold/cough for such a long time now, and this is the worst I have ever had it. Writing this post I am surrounded by piles of used and unused tissues, a cup of water and all the different medication known to man. Usually, I can shift a cold within a couple of days, but I have had the 'pleasure' of this cold for about a month on and off now. 

Below are just a few things I do in order to cope with a cold. It's a known thing that there are no antibiotics that defeat the common cold, but there are medications to try and relieve the symptoms. This time round I have tried absolutely everything, so I know what works and what doesn't...


Pretty straight forward. Carry water with you wherever you go - especially if you have a cough on top of your cold. My level of self confidence will not let me go anywhere without water in the fear of having a massive coughing fit and not being able to breath - aka looking like a tit. Take little sips, it'll be more helpful.


This one sounds absolutely ridiculous, and it may not be helpful in the slightest - in fact, it may block your nose even further, but I do it any way. There's nothing more frustrating than the feeling of having a blocked nose, so I stick tissue up my nose to trick my brain into thinking it's that that's blocking my nose, and it eases my frustration surprisingly. I KNOW IT'S RIDICULOUS!


Deciding to cover my cheesy nachos with jalepenos was possibly the best idea I have ever had in my whole entire life - it provided me with an hour of the most incredible breathing through the nose. It was incredible.


I am totally guilty of this, and until this cold is gone I am living in the fear that I've demolished my sense of smell - only time will tell. I tried absolutely everything, but everything gave me about 30 minutes of relief and then went back to exactly what it was before. The only things I can 100% recommend is "Covonia Double Action Cough Lozenges" for when you have a cough, and Otrivine Nasal Spray or Vicks Vapour Rub for a blocked nose. Out of every single thing I've bought, those are the things that work best for me. If it's not as heavy as this, the Olbas oil inhaler is incredible as well.


Since having this cold, I have been washing twice a day - once in the shower in the morning, and once in the bath in the evening. I am doing this simply to try and steam the blocked nose. I turn the shower/bath really hot in the hope that the steam will help me - it does for a little while, so it's worth having a nice long soak for a little relief.


This is one of the WORST part for me. I get such dry and sore skin around my nose where I'm constantly blowing my nose. I have a little pot of moisturiser I take with me everywhere at the moment just to keep that sore bit topped up. I could not recommend carrying a moisturiser enough!

That is pretty much all I have - like I say, I have had this for ages so I clearly don't have any incredible hacks to getting rid of a cold. It's mostly just for helping it. I hope this helps you while you're suffering - there is literally nothing worse!!

Do you have any better hacks!? LET ME KNOW!!
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